SL5233 Nemo Wireless Switch/Dimming Controller

Superlight Nemo is a contemporary design light switch that features dimming function and operates 100% wirelessly. The Nemo switch is battery powered and can be installed in any location. Nemo devices can be paired with any Superlight wireless receiver unit to control LED lighting products at a distance of up to 50mtrs. Superlight SL5233 Nemo controllers offer the appearance of a luxury switch/dimmer but are totally wireless. This makes Superlight Nemo ideal for projects where cable access is difficult or expensive.


Nemo Switch Input Voltage:CR2025 Coin Battery (included)
Rotary Knob FunctionClick for On/Off + Press-Dimming
Dimming Control Range:0.1-100%
Nemo Plate Dimensions:77x77mm
Materials:Glass Wall Plate + PVC Rocker Switch
Standard Colour/Finish:Glass Facia
Output Control Channels:1 Channel or 2 Channel
Connection Method:RF Wireless
Compatible Receivers:SL5411-00 / SL5439-32
RF Remote Operating Distance:Up to 50mtrs +

Typical Applications

  • Projects where traditional wiring is difficult or expensive
  • Domestic, commercial LED lighting installations.
  • Wireless control of superlight LED strips, modules and fittings.

Control & Dimming Compatibility

This product is available in dimmable configurations including Phase Dim, DALI, 1-10V, DMX512. Please contact us for options and availability.

Installation Guidelines

  • Nemo switches can be fixed to any surface using adhesive tape. They can be relocated at any time.
  • Nemo can control multiple receivers simultaneously
  • Wireless receivers are available in constant-current or constant-voltage configurations.

Ordering Information

  • SL5233-01    Nemo Glass Switch Wall Dimmer/Controller – Bat Operated RF 1 Gang
  • SL5233-02    Nemo Glass Switch Wall Dimmer/Controller – Bat Operated RF 2 Gang
  • SL5411-10    V3 RF Dimming Control Receiver – Constant Voltage 1x8A
  • SL5439-32    V3 RF Dimming Control Receiver – Constant Voltage 4x8A

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