Your Personal Data is Safe.

Superlight New Zealand reserves the right to solicit personal identifiable information from our users under specific circumstances, such as, but not limited to, the submission of an enquiry form. This information is primarily harnessed for two core reasons: To facilitate prompt and efficient communication with particular individuals seeking further services from uu; To generate a repository of personal data that can be strategically used in the future by our marketing and customer service teams, in case re-engagement becomes requisite. Your privacy is paramount to us, and all the data is handled in accordance with New Zealand’s privacy laws and regulations.

Superlight New Zealand unequivocally pledges to honour all requests to opt out from future correspondence, reaffirming our commitment to your privacy. Should users decide not to share the requested personal information, access to our website will remain unobstructed. However, it may restrict us from fully processing certain requests that necessitate further communication, including but not limited to product enquiries, technical support, and pricing discussions. In addition, we strictly enforce non-disclosure of any user’s personal information to any third-party entities, except where compelled by law.

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