Superlight DX6508 Wireless DMX Control System

Superlight wireless DMX transmitter and receiver system provides long-range wireless communication between Superlight DMX512 enabled installations. The system transmits the DMX communication signal wirelessly using RF frequency on the 2.4GHz ISM Band. Up to 7 unique channels can be selected allowing multiple separate wireless networks at the same site or location. Wireless DMX control.


Model Type:DX6508-TX/RX SYSTEM
Input Voltage:110-240VAC
DMX Protocol:DMX512
RF Communication Signal:2.4GHz ISM Band
Unique RF Band Selection:7 Unique Frequencies
Standby Power Consumption:<2W
Internal Drive Voltage:5VDC
RF Operating Distance:>300mtr Range *
Recommended Temp:-30 ~ +60°C
IP Protection Rating:IP65

Lighting System Design

  • Superlight can provide detailed wiring schematics and lighting control system design by request.
  • Wireless DMX system can be an ideal solution for sites where cable access is problematic.

* Please note: Wireless performance varies and can be affected by external variables. In some cases wireless signal can be inhibited by structures or objects. Contact us for more information.

Typical Applications

  • Projects requiring long range lighting control
  • Large landscape projects
  • Commercial and industrial lighting applications
  • Sites with difficult or impossible cable access

Installation Guidelines

IP65 Enclosure suitable for indoor or outdoor locations. Compatible with Superlight DMX512 control devices For best wireless performance, avoid interference from buildings and large structures wherever possible.

Customisation Options

  • Devices can be pre-programmed to specific frequency in advance, by special request
  • Plug and play connector system can be designed and fitted by special request.
  • Superlight can design and supply custom enclosure system by request

Custom options may be subject to minimum order quantities

Ordering Information

  • DX6508-TX Superlight Wireless DMX512 DMX-TX Transmitter 2.4G RF1
  • DX6508-RX Superlight Wireless DMX512 DMX-TX Receiver 2.4G RF1

DX6508 is supplied with integral 5VDC power supply
Operating input voltage: 100-240VAC
12VDC or 24VDC version available by special order.

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