SL7975 Linear SMD Flexlite Round

Superlight LED Flexlite is a super-vibrant, flexible LED product that is designed for direct illumination situations where the light source is seen, such as the exterior of buildings & structures. Available in 5 vibrant LED colours & RGB, the product is a preferred alternative to neon and other products due to its much safer voltage and ease of installation.


Input Voltage:
Power Consumption:
12W Per Mtr
IP Rating
LED Classification:
Viewing Angle:
Dimensions – Width
Dimensions – Height:
Operating Temperature:
 -5 ~ +55°C
Colour Change Control Via:
Use Any Superlight RGB Controller

Photometric Information

  • SL7975-11     Typical Wavelength:  RED 650nm
  • SL7975-12     Typical Wavelength:  GREEN 540nm
  • SL7975-13       Typical Wavelength:  BLUE 455nm
  • SL7975-15      CCT: 6500K    CRI:  >80
  • SL7975-17       CCT: 4200K    CRI:  >85
  • SL7975-21       CCT: 3200K    CRI:  >85
  • SL7975-35      RGB Colour Controllable

Detailed photometric report and IES files available by request

Typical Applications

  • Bordering architecture
  • Signage applications
  • Outdoor decorative lighting
  • Direct linear lighting

Control & Dimming Compatibility

  • SL5009 DMX Controller
  • Superlight DALI controller
  • Superlight constant voltage LED drivers

Customisation Options

  • Lengths can be customised
  • RGB version is fully colour change controllable
  • Optional aluminium or PVC mounting track available by request

Ordering Information

  • SL7975-11      LED Flexlite DOME Round 24VDC RED
  • SL7975-12      LED Flexlite DOME Round 24VDC GREEN
  • SL7975-13      LED Flexlite DOME Round 24VDC BLUE
  • SL7975-14      LED Flexlite DOME Round 24VDC YELLOW
  • SL7975-15      LED Flexlite DOME Round 24VDC COOL WHITE
  • SL7975-35      LED Flexlite DOME Round 24VDC NEUTRAL WHITE
  • SL7975-15      LED Flexlite DOME Round 24VDC WARM WHITE
  • SL7975-15      LED Flexlite DOME Round 24VDC RGB

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