SL5002 Analogue LED Dimmer

The new SL5002 Superlight LED dimmer is an ideal option for simple and reliable dimming of Superlight LED strips & modules. The dimmer can operate many Superlight LED products such as LED Superstrips, Superlight LED modules, Exterior LED fixtures etc.

The SL5002 dimmer is supplied pre-mounted into a compact enclosure and has screw terminals for easy and fast connection. Available in either 12VDC or 24VDC option.


Input Voltage:100-240VAC
Max Power Consumption:13W
Enclosure Dimensions:110mm
Typical Dimming Ranting:90-100mm
IP Protection Rating:75mm

Typical Applications

General purpose dimming of constant voltage LED strips, Analogue adjustable control for single colour LED products.

Control & Dimming Compatibility

This product is available in dimmable configurations including Phase Dim, DALI, 1-10V, DMX512. Please contact us for options and availability.

Installation Guidelines

  • IP20 Indoor Use Only
  • Do not exceed max rated output 8A
  • Use only approved Superlight LED driver

Ordering Information

  • SL5002-24 Superlight LED Dimming Controller 12/24VDC

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