Water Lane Residence

Superlight LED lighting products were installed throughout this rural property, for both Interior and Landscape lighting.

Superlight ECO18 Recessed LED Downlights provide bright, even illumination through all living spaces and rooms. Neptune Series RGB Uplights and Opto 21 Floodlights create a fun area for entertaining guests and enjoying the outdoors.
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All RGB fittings are controlled with the Superlight SL5009 Glass Touch Screen Controller. This is coupled with Superlight Wireless DMX technology that allows various parts of the installation to be synchronised for group control of LED lighting colours and settings.

Superlight LED lighting manufactures a wide range of RGB LED lighting products and offers the widest range of RGB and RGBW LED lighting controllers to suit the needs of any project.

Superlight RGB/RGBW LED products offer the most vibrant colour mixing performance and best quality LED lighting components for the most demanding colour-changing LED lighting projects.

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